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CoinWealth Lists on P2PB2B

What is CoinWealth?

A team of professionals with experience in the crypto revolution is creating a platform for investors where they can select meaningful portfolios for themselves based on the knowledge that they gained from the crypto revolution. Research, fund managers, and a structure that reflects the nuances of the cryptocurrency sector will help CoinWealth develop a new avenue of investing for investors.

Cryptocurrency investors do not need to struggle with the complexities of blockchain protocols, use cases, tokenomics, demand-supply dynamics or research on-chain metrics to make informed decisions.

What makes it special?

Introducing Managed Crypto Portfolios, CoinWealth uses time-tested concepts of selection, allocation, and portfolio construction to create a robust cryptocurrency portfolio, allowing you to hold a small amount of cryptocurrency as part of your wealth portfolio.

It will present its first set of Managed Crypto Portfolios in the following segments:

  1. Game of Platforms: Blockchain Platforms;
  2. ZappDapp: Decentralized Application Tokens;
  3. DeFive: Decentralized Finance Top 5 Plays;
  4. DeX Hexes: Decentralized Exchange Growth;
  5. 3on33 — Chainovation: New General Innovation: (3% each on 33 projects);
  6. NFT, not Nifty: Non-Fungible Tokens & Platforms;
  7. Gamify my Portfolio: Gaming Crypto Opportunities;
  8. Speed — Momentum Investing: Active Market Winners.

There will be a common investment pool for each of these Portfolios. Units/tokens may be purchased by participants who will be charged a declared NAV (Net Asset Value) at the end of a 24-hour period.

Soon, CoinWealth shall be available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. Join the project’s community now and prepare for its upcoming listing!

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