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2 min readDec 29, 2021


The token sale session for Glitter Finance is coming soon the P2PB2B exchange. It will be followed by a listing on the P2PB2B exchange. Meanwhile, here is an introduction to the project.

Glitter Finance: What is it?

Glitter Finance is a groundbreaking innovation that weaves crypto into everyday life. The project envisions using the Glitter Bridge to redeploy collateral (locked tokens) from one chain to another chain to generate yield. With the new chain, Glitter Finance generates synthetic collateralized tokens to improve platform liquidity and capital efficiency.

Glitter Bridge: Its Features

  • Creating a cross-chain bridge between Algorand, Solana, Polygon, and Terra blockchains to allow traders from all ecosystems to take advantage of DeFi’s economic advancements;
  • Embedding yield in the bridge to solve capital inefficiencies and create a connected ecosystem for all traders and community members;
  • Creating a cross-chain bridge with multiple chains to eliminate fragmentation;
  • Yield integrating that will become a hub for blockchain enthusiasts.
  • Trading within the ecosystem of partner blockchains within the bridge will be rewarded with yield, encouraging traders from Solana, Algorand, Terra, Kudos and Polygon DeFi to engage;
  • Making the platform easier to use and easier to adopt for new users;
  • Reducing gas fees with blockchain technologies, such as Polygon;
  • Leveraging Solana technology to achieve carbon neutrality.

Glitter Finance Token ($XGLI)

The $XGLI Token will offer the following advantages to traders in the Glitter Finance Ecosystem:

  • Ability to list new yield farms;
  • Ability to update Treasury fees after redeployment of user assets;
  • Updating cross-chain transfer fees;
  • Updating Oracle addresses;
  • Ability to choose a new admin, such as a DAO controlled by a community; this DAO can appoint a new admin over time, based on stakeholder approval;
  • Spending assets from the Treasury;
  • Access to the yield and not the underlying token.

Sounds interesting? Join the upcoming token sale on P2PB2B and participate in community life! Also, don’t forget to follow Glitter Finance on social media:

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