Listing on Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, P2PB2B: How to Do It?

Listing on Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, P2PB2B: How to Do It?

The cryptocurrency exchange sector is growing steadily, as it pursues new frontiers. The market sees an influx of new cryptocurrencies. This prompts the question, where and how to list a brand new coin?

You must meet certain requirements before you can introduce your coin to crypto exchanges and the general public. The requirements for crypto exchanges vary from one to another. Here you’ll find information about the most popular exchanges and how to become listed there.

New Listing on Binance

A Binance coin listing can either be direct or via Launchpad/Launchpool submission. The direct listing is suitable for projects whose coins have either already circulated or will be released soon on the market. If your project is in its infancy or you haven’t yet generated tokens, the Launchpad is an excellent option for you.

What are the requirements to list your project?

What happens after you apply?

Binance will contact you through email if your project passes the initial review. From, you will receive an email enclosed with a PGP signature, as mentioned here. Emails without a company name signed by the sender are probably scams.

Additionally, you can find out if the contact you’re speaking with is part of Binance here.

As Binance is focused on listing high-quality tokens and making crypto more accessible, coin/token listings are strict and demanding. For that reason, new projects may find it tough to get listed there, since they may be required to have an active community, disclose all details of their project (including financial information), and provide high liquidity for their token.

Listing on P2PB2B

When you are just emerging into the cryptocurrency field, and your coin/token cannot be listed on crypto giants like Binance or Coinbase, take a closer look at P2PB2B. It’s an exchange that’s relatively young, but it has already listed more than 400 cryptocurrency projects. Over 900 million dollars are generated on the platform each day and it may boast that 15% of new traders join each month.

Moreover, the exchange is in charge of selecting projects. P2PB2B also assists new projects with their development, trading, and providing additional services.

What are the requirements for token/coin listing?

If you have some questions, you may contact the P2PB2B Listing Manager who will help to specify and explain any additional requirements.

New Coins Listing on Coinbase

New Coins Listing on Coinbase

The important factors to consider when listing a project on Coinbase are the following:

The applicants will fill out a form as part of the Coinbase listing process. By completing the form, you will start your project evaluation process by the exchange. The company does not typically charge an application fee but reserves the right to modify the policy at any time.

It is also worth mentioning that Coinbase is one of the first players in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, it may be difficult for new projects to be listed there. When you read their full requirements, you’ll see that you need to reveal a lot about the project at some points. And there’s no guarantee that your project will be listed on the exchange even if the team member contacts you.

Coin Listing on Huobi

To get your project listed here, you might meet the following Huobi listing requirements:

To apply for a token/coin listing, you must provide detailed information here.

How to Get Your Token Listed?

Research popular cryptocurrency exchanges before beginning to act and learn about their listing and other requirements. Get in contact with the team when you are certain your project meets the checklist, and follow their instructions.



P2B is one of the biggest international cryptocurrency exchange, offering the best go-to-market experience.

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P2B is one of the biggest international cryptocurrency exchange, offering the best go-to-market experience.