MegashiboX Inu is Available for Trading on P2PB2B

MegashiboX Inu is Available for Trading on P2PB2B

MegashiboX Inu: What is it?

It is impossible to imagine technology in its entirety without decentralized finance. Since the Memes tokens have spread globally, their impact has grown exponentially in the sense that they are now the source of passive income for many people. Community-driven MegaShiboX Inu has a Dragon-themed Marketplace collection. The project’s goal is to surpass all memecoins in terms of its community and marketing team. The project boasts a global team of experts, a major roadmap, and a great tokenomics initiative.


MHX token has a supply of 21 billion coins. The coins will be distributed in the following way:

What makes it unique?

MegaShiboX Inu’s dragons are unique, and nobody can replace them with another. They’re the only ones of their kind. You would have something totally different if you traded for another card. The Dragon Collection NFT will also be used as in-game items. Become a dragonized you with a digital collection of original NFTs. The dragon represents tradition and the project wants to combine tradition and decentralized finance. Dragon Fighter will include 340 collectible cards related to dragons.

In addition to building the largest and strongest NFT Dragon related communities, the project is excited to offer its own token, MHX. Powered by the strength of the traditional Chinese animal, this meme token is a powerful way to express yourself.

By the way, MegashiboX Inu is available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. If you have an interest in this project, you have a fantastic chance to become a member of its community.

Check out the project’s social media channels:



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