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Shibnobi Lists on P2PB2B

Shibnobi: What is it?

Shibnobi is a cryptocurrency that is currently dominating the market due to its rapid and massive growth as well as its community. Having Shibnobi in your wallet is a necessity.

Shibnobi ($SHINJA) is a deflationary token aimed at revolutionizing the Defi market, by introducing a multi-chain swap across Ethereum, Binance, Cronos, and Polygon with its own Shibnobi Blockchain. Within the Shibnobi ecosystem, it’ll be used to enable premium and on-demand features and functionality of its tools, as well as the base unit for all economic transactions within the Shibnobi ecosystem, including its subsystems and the eventual metaverse.

$SHINJA is a pure cryptocurrency with a fixed supply, is non-inflationary, and is fractionally divisible. Despite being fungible and transferable, its units will likely trade on cryptocurrency exchanges central and decentralized. Shibnobi ($SHINJA) token is built on the Ethereum ERC20 protocol, which in addition to facilitating the development of trustless smart contracts, also gives access to the largest EVM wallet user base that will be highly incentivized to bridge their token into the native Shibnobi Blockchain coin once it is developed.

What makes it unique?

The Shibnobi project aims to create a user-friendly multi-chain swap for DeFi:

  • Shibnobi Dojoswap. It’s envisioned to address the lack of user-friendly tools in DeFi networks that are compatible with EVM. To enable seamless crypto trades across multiple chains, DojoSwap will be built on a decentralized AMM system utilizing liquidity pools powered by users;
  • Shibnobi Blockchain. Hard forked from Ethereum, Shibnobi’s proof-of-stake blockchain. As compared to Ethereum, this blockchain offers lower gas fees and faster transactions. This consists of the Kusari Mainnet and Testnet, as well as the Kusari Explorer;
  • Shibnobi Dojoverse. Step inside the Shibnobi metaverse. You will be greeted by a DojoDisc. In the Dojoverse, users can explore the world of #ShibnobiStyle and find directories of establishments on other discs;
  • Shibnobi 3FA Wallet. With Three-Factor Authentication (3FA), users’ wallets will require an authenticator app on their phones before any transactions can be completed;
  • Shibnobi Gaming. Powered by cryptocurrency, this wagering platform lets you bet on the games you love. The matchmaking system allows users to find matches, participate in tournaments, or challenge friends. All entry fees powered by $SHINJA fuel will be burned.

$SHINJA will soon become available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. If you are interested in this project, you can join its community.

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