What problems does bitcci solve?

What problems does bitcci solve?

The sex industry is plagued with the underrecognition of sex workers and the consumption of sexual services, manifesting itself as a shadow economy.

Due to this, the industry faces these difficulties:

How can this be solved?

bitcci seeks to solve these challenges in the following way:

Where can you find bitcci cash tokens?

You can buy bitcci cash tokens by joining the bitcci token sale session on its website.

20 billion tokens will be sold in the ICO. More than 35% have been sold to more than 2000 token holders until now. bitcci cash token buyers may sell their tokens immediately after the ICO ends, or offer them on trading platforms. Immediately following the ICO, the bitcci cash token is expected to appear on P2PB2B.

Sounds interesting? Join the bitcci cash token ICO on its website and prepare for its upcoming listing on P2PB2B! Also, don’t forget to follow bitcci on social media:

The Project’s Community:
🔷 Website: bitcci.cc
🔷Twitter: twitter.com/bitcci
🔷Telegram Group: t.me/bitcci



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