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2 min readDec 21, 2021
Whive is Available on P2PB2B

Whive: What is it?

It is designed to distribute mining and staking rewards probabilistically based on solar reliability indices or time zones. Furthermore, lesser-power processors like CPUs are more likely to receive new tokens than those found in more powerful machines.

The use of the Yespower algorithm in the Whive protocol ensures sustainable and equitable distribution of tokens to regions in the world with high solar reliability indices which include South East Asia and Africa. Whive’s network security is based on robust open-source Bitcoin protocol code combined with the battle-hardened Yespower algorithm, which makes use of game theory, mathematical proofs, and cryptography.

In underserved regions of the world such as Africa and South-East Asia, these incentives should encourage the use of renewable sources of energy, including distributed energy solutions like Melanin Solar.

What makes it special?

  • ASIC/GPU resistant Yespower algorithm. Whive uses an Optimized Yespower algorithm to make sure GPU and ASIC processors are not able to mine blocks successfully, favoring CPU machines like laptops and raspberry pis;
  • ARM-focused CPU mining. The Whive protocol’s mining is focused on more compact, ARM-based mobile computing devices (CPUs) to enable the fast and sustainable development of the distributed energy industry;
  • A 20-year schedule for PoW mining. In the year 2040, mining of Whive rewards will end, ensuring worldwide distribution of solar microgrids;
  • Transparent and accountable. Whive Explorer is a transparent & public blockchain where transactions are recorded immutably in real-time;
  • Cost-competitive green energy. The Whive protocol leverages microprocessor computing and blockchain technology to empower energy-poor communities with access to this energy potential.

By the way, Whive is available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange. If you have an interest in this project, you have a fantastic chance to become a member of its community.

The Project’s Community:
🔷Website: whive.io/
🔷 Twitter: twitter.com/whiveio
🔷 Telegram Group: t.me/whiveio
🔷 Discord Group: discord.gg/D6RRVemBRv
🔷 Facebook: facebook.com/whiveio



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