Xtremcoin Runs Token Sale on P2PB2B

The token sale session for XTR is just about to begin on November 11th on the P2PB2B exchange.

The tokens can be purchased until November 24th, along with joining the project’s community. The token sale will be followed by a listing on the P2PB2B exchange. XTR will be available on P2PB2B shortly. Meanwhile, here is an introduction to the project.

Xtremcoin: What is it?

Xtremcoin is a highly secure and open-source exchange economy that’s poised to revolutionize online and open markets. As a form of digital fuel, it allows exchange service providers to operate and run their own secure exchange systems. Through its network and model, Xtremcoin aims to expand and spread its technology around the world. It provides greater transparency, access, and globalization of mankind’s most innovative creations: exchanges.

Participants can pool liquidity and credit lines through Xtremcoin, while investors can launch new exchanges and create new trading venues in new markets. The tokens can be purchased on Xtremcoin.io in a very transparent manner based on the market adoption curve.

What makes it special?

The XTR token and Xtremcoin claim to bring revolutionary technology to financial services. Xtremcoin is a growing community to implement blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency exchange platform. By promoting new business opportunities and fostering community growth, the Xtremcoin platform leverages blockchain decentralization to help enterprise companies and banks join a global financial system of the future. With a wide range of capabilities, the platform caters to an ever-growing customer base.

Join the token sale on P2PB2B and participate in community life! Also, don’t forget to follow Xtremcoin on social media.

The Project’s Community:
🔷 Website: xtremcoin.io/
🔷 Telegram: t.me/xtremcoin
🔷 Twitter: twitter.com/xtremcoin
🔷 Facebook: facebook.com/Xtremcoin/



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